This is editor 'G'

The third round of the Peak Time is a new song prepared for this competition, which is called a "New Song Match."

As I waited for episode 8 of this evening's Peak Time, I thought it would be a little meaningful to simply write down what Editor 'G' heard about the original songs that would wait for the rankings and votes.

Let's get started!

Team 2:00 - Circuit

It's an energetic song with a strong sound base, but a strong song of this style won't score well unless the team performing it has strong visual color and the performance is tight with no gaps. It's not just about how good the song is, it's also about how well you execute it on stage. In every competition so far, every judge has used "made me want to jump up on stage" as the highest level of praise, which means it will come down to how thoroughly Team 2:00 has prepared for their performance. 

Team 7:00 - Doesn't matter

The song is written by one of the judges, Ryan Jeon. It uses a sound that seems monotonous, but the development itself seems standard. Slowly builds up the scale, with a very natural use of sections to connect the larger scales. Uses a development that feels like it's going to explode later on, but instead of exploding in its own right, it changes the composition (foreshadows). It might be a little hard to see the tune. If there is an explosion in the song, then the performance will be more exciting, but it doesn't look like that. It will be interesting to see how Team 7 will organize their performance on stage.

Team 8:00 - coco colada

It comes out really smoothly from the start. It's a song by Kenji, a composer everyone knows well. When I think about Kenji here, I think it's a song that's surprisingly SM-. A strong start but a bright development overall. The song name Coco Colada is probably Colada (filtered, filtered) + Coconut's Coco. Actually, even if you consider the content of the lyrics, it doesn't match the title very well, but.... The song has a clear hook, but there's a feeling that it doesn't create a climax.

Team 11:00- skyscraper

INNER CHILD's song. The introduction section is short and the composition looks firm. The first verse feels like a building preparation, but the story line is quite clear in it. Wouldn't the song itself be one of the most popular songs in the third round? It's a style that flows into a familiar structure, so it's stable (high-pitched in the second half + rapping right in, changing the composition of the front part). The ending is clean, too.

Team 13:00 - Criminal

Uneventful. It's almost consistent from start to finish, and there's no hole in the song. However, in the case of such a song, the song itself is difficult to create a catchy response. It doesn't feel like the main melody that sticks to your ears is clear, but it's a song that is expected to have a stable performance overall.

TEAM 14:00 - FEVER

The song itself seems to be well-made with a combination of retro sound and modern style. However, it feels like it doesn't mix well in terms of the sound production. Compared to other team's songs, the beat is relatively slow, so there is a slight concern that it may suffer in terms of performance. Most other team's songs are incredibly fast-paced, and performances that overwhelm the viewer will probably be created. Some people may show a disappointing performance because they cannot keep up with this performance. The key to success seems to be how well they can convey a "relaxed" feeling in this song.

Team 15:00 - nothin' without you

Oh my goodness, this song turned out so well! It's definitely an optimized performance song, and if the vocals are strong, I expect a huge response from the audience. The structure of the song is designed to intensify emotions, with a short melody that gradually changes and repeats quickly. However, when listening to the entire song, the overall climax is clear. There are a lot of high notes throughout the song, even the chorus is sung in high notes that are not easy to hear, and the beat is also fast, so the stage is going to be tough. Team 15:00 was on the brink of passing with 8th place, and giving them this song seems like a balance adjustment from the production team. Regardless of any program, the production team always puts their heart and soul into making it, but man, this one really deserves some praise...

By the way, I think this song will be hugely popular as an audio track. It's the highest-trending song of this round's original match, perfectly capturing both the quality of the stage performance and the song itself.

Team 20:00 - Like we've never been

Hmm, I do feel like the intro could be a bit tighter, but overall, this song seems to be heavily focused on the strong vocals and catchy melody. It's hard to predict exactly what the stage performance will be like, but the melody of the song is already heading in a clear direction and building towards a certain point. It's a well-crafted and sophisticated song that should do pretty well in terms of digital sales, but it's tough to say how it will score in a competitive audition program where impact on stage is key.

Team 23:00 - Chamomile

It seems like "23:00," the team known for their strong vocal abilities, has designed a song that plays to their strengths. Among all the original songs released so far, this one has the clearest and most distinct lyrics, and the direction of the melody that the vocals aim for is well-defined. Some other songs had clear and sharp melodies but lacked in tempo and intensity, but this song fulfills both aspects perfectly. Team "23:00" is known for their high performance abilities, so they will likely receive high praise and scores and advance to the next round in the original match. The song seems to have been designed with the audience's reaction in mind, and it's highly likely that comments from judges will be similar to "I didn't feel like I was evaluating, I just wanted to enjoy it and wave my arms in reaction." I predict that this song will be the closest thing to a home run in the third round of the original match.

The overall vibe of the song is quite different from the "intensity" of other teams, and it has the potential to completely change the atmosphere. In some ways, it could be a game-changer.

Team 24:00 - Be mine

The song itself is well-crafted, but there's a possibility that the overall mood of the song may overlap with the previous performances. Also, since the song has a repetitive structure between the first and second half, it will be crucial for Team "24:00"'s performance planning to be spot-on. Their performance design and execution will likely determine everything in this case.

I'm going to watch with bated breath to see how accurate our predictions are today.

Editor 'G' was a fan and a dedicated viewer of Peak Time before becoming a blogger on Fantrie, you know.

We're looking forward to seeing Team 23:00's performance!