This is editor 'G'


These kinds of survival audition entertainment programs really make viewers feel nervous.

As viewers participate together, the results of the vote directly affect the elimination of the team they support, so they participate more actively.



However, how to manage and process the cast's story is a very important part of the show.

Sometimes it turns someone into a villain.

We call this as "Devil's editing."

With a villain, the development can be simple and stimulating, and in the end, this topic leads to a rise in ratings.

However, JTBC proved that it can create a touching story and draw attention without the devil's editing through the precedent of "Sing Again."

This "Peak Time" also sheds light on the stories of people who are more sincere about the stage than anyone else without the devil's editing.



It's because the passion shown on the stage and the path we've taken so far has a dramatic narrative.

So all the participants in Peak Time are real.

The stories created are simple, but it's hard to beat the convincing power of the true story.

I think the impression of Peak Time comes from there.



I'll summarize the story of episode 7.

Currently, Fantrie Creator Injun is in the team "23:00" and the team is ranked the 3rd of all.


Unsurprisingly, team "23:00" made it to the top of Round 3.

And some partings...

At Peak Time, you can't name your team until you're eliminated.

In this episode 7, there were teams eliminated, and now they can be called by their own names.










Episode 7 has ended.

Next Wednesday, the upcoming 3rd Round, "New Song Match" will be held.

See you in the next episode 8 post!