Games are an interdisciplinary art.

It's one thing to put yourself in a world, experience the protagonist's point of view, and achieve goals, but now games are works of art that people with different specialties jump in and put their time and passion into.

With the introduction of the concept of online, you can sit down and play with anyone in the world in real time.

The rise of the "real-time" element has inevitably led to a revival of competitive games.

Today, we're talking about the Seongnam Genoalpha, a professional mobile Battlegrounds team that Fantrie has been sponsoring since its inception in 2021.

#1. Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds is a game developed by PUBG, a subsidiary of Krafton.

If I had to give it a genre name, it would be an MMO shooter.

The reason it's not simply called an FPS is because it plays by a different set of rules than traditional FPS games.

Whereas other FPSs start you off with a full loadout, and if you die, you respawn at a designated location after a period of time, and the game is centered around how many more kills you can get in a given amount of time, Battlegrounds is a battle royale that takes place on a large field.

Up to 100 players can take part simultaneously, and all players start by parachuting out of a transport plane at the beginning and jumping off at any point on the map.

Since they're grounded with nothing, players must scavenge around where they land as quickly as possible to pick up guns, armor, weapons, and healing items.

And unlike other FPS games, strategic movement is crucial, as there's a constraint called a "magnetic field" that gradually shrinks the field in which people can move over time.

It's a game where you pick up a gun and shoot people, but even if you don't have the best aim and reflexes, you can still win by being strategic.

So it's not just about physicality, it's about skill.


Seongnam Genoalpha M is a team of professional players who play PUBG Mobile, a game that can be played on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

The team was created through an agreement with Seongnam City, and its official name is 'Seongnam Genoalpha M.' It is a mobile Battlegrounds team affiliated with Improve Cultures, a specialized e-sports agency.

Since 2021, Seongnam Genoalpha and Fantrie have signed a sponsorship agreement and have maintained a positive relationship.

When it comes to the teams that make up the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) or professional soccer (K-League), they all have local ties, and there are no exceptions.

These ties are important because they mean that the best players from the region are represented.

GENOALPHA is a team with ties to the city of Seongnam.

Since its inception in 2021, the team has participated in many international tournaments, most recently at the e-SPORTS Korea-Japan Exchange, organized by the Korean Cultural Center in Osaka in late November 2022.

The tournament featured eight teams from Korea and eight from Japan, and Seongnam Genoalpha M dominated throughout the competition, taking first place and winning the tournament with flying colors.

As a side note, Genoalpha M also took first place in the PMOC 2022 Phase 2 competition and is currently playing in the Battlegrounds Mobile PMPS First Division.

#3. Communication

e-sports is a culture that is enjoyed by many people outside of professional teams, and it's not very age and gender specific.

That's why a wide range of people exist as fans, and Seongnam Genoalpha understands this better than anyone else and has held various communication events with fans.

In January last year, the team listed 'active communication with fans' as one of their main goals for 2022.

In addition to regularly hosting "Monthly MoBe(Mobile Battlegrounds)" that allow players to play with each other regardless of skill level by accepting applications through social media, the team has also held various types of fan events using various cutting-edge industry technologies, such as fan meetings using the Metaverse and issuing fan-certified NFTs.

We wish Seongnam Genoalpha all the best in their future endeavors.

Fantrie will always be with them!