There are as many talented and skilled people as there are stars in the sky, but it takes a lot more than that to get noticed by the world.


There was a program called 'Sing Again' on JTBC the other day.

It was a show about people who were good enough singers and had good songs, but didn't get more attention, so they could get their chance to shine once again.

And this time, it's an idol!

The original K-pop idol, Injun of DGNA(Daeguknamah), participated in the new survival show called 'Peak Time.'

Check out our previous post to see what kind of idol Injun was.

This time, Injun participated in the show with his fellow DGNA members Jay and Garam as Team '23:00.'

We're looking forward to seeing what Team ✨23:00✨ performs.

Injun has always been genuine in his interactions with his fans and has more stories to tell than anyone else, so please visit and check out his Fantrie channel!