DJ and producer Edween Verse released the single "TAXI" on January 16 at 6 p.m. through various online music sites in Korea and overseas.

'TAXI' is an emotional alternative pop song produced by Edween Verse that will keep you tuned for a long time with a gentle yet addictive beat and melody. The lyrics capture the feelings of not being able to forget the other person after the breakup with the loved one, and it is also a song that many people can universally relate to.

The album was produced as part of "Bestination," a project to support new musician albums by Frank Store, the operator of the membership fan platform Fantrie, by selecting Edwin Verse as the first musician.

In addition, Fricolage, a creative production company that produced albums, music videos, full videos, album artwork, and 3D designs for several musicians such as Sik-K, Avin, Darby, and Sophie Bird, participated in the production of "TAXI."

A Frankstore staff said, "'Bestination' is a compound word of 'Bottom to Destination' and symbolizes the journey from the bottom to the artist's desired final destination. We are preparing to make it a regular project that any talented new artist can apply for."

Fantrie is a global membership fan platform designed to allow any creator with fans to participate and receive direct support from fans, supporting the activities of talented artists in various fields, from underground idols and jazz musicians to K-pop stars.

Edween Verse's single album "TAXI" was released at 6 pm on the 16th of January through various online music websites in Korea and overseas.