Last week, in the fourth week of November, there was a special performance.

On November 24, the solo performance of "Salon de'O," which I introduced on Channel Fantrie, was held in Evans, a jazz club in Hapjeong. On Thursday evening, there was a World Cup match between Korea and Uruguay, but many people filled their seats an hour before the performance started, eagerly awaiting the performance after a long time.

The video I'm going to introduce today is a live performance of the new song "The Silly Adada," which will be included in the fourth album of Salon de'O. Everyone may have a painful and difficult time, and the frustration when the pain is not well-expressed in the formative language is indescribable. "Silly Adada" is a song that expresses the process well on top of the intense melody and solid structure.

Shortcut to Oh Sukyung's Fantrie :