Even at this very moment, there are a lot of active creators in Fantrie.

There is various type of creators who do their own works such as broadcasters, professional gamers, music composer and on-stage musicians etc.

However, the current activity does not fully explain the people themselves.

Because describing a person is not only about his/her current state but also about whole trail of his/her life.


The Fantrie creator I'm going to introduce today is Luna Hong, who began her career as a bodybuilder and now is active as a fitness model.


#1. Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is one of familiar terms to those who does exercising a lot.

The focus of bodybuilding is to build a balanced and beautiful muscle through weight training and diet control.

As trends such as body profiles have spread in recent years, the concept of bodybuilding has become closer to the public, but in fact, the bodybuilding of athletes and models for professional reasons is in another category.

The image that usually comes to mind when you hear the word ‘bodybuilder’ is a person with large, solid, and clear split muscles, but there are various kinds in bodybuilding.


In the case of men, bodybuilding, classical bodybuilding, and physique are representative, and in the case of women, there are physique, bikini, figure, and body fitness.

There are three main requirements for bikini events.

These are balance (balance and shape), appearance (overall physical appearance), and presentation (overall presentation).

Luna Hong made her debut as a bikini athlete, which can only be achieved by adding effort to her natural ability.

#2. Luna Hong

Luna, who first competed in Muscle Mania in 2013, ranked fifth.

It's never a bad performance, considering it is the first appearance, but she started to spend time grinding herself after being shocked by other players.

As a result, in Muscle Mania in 2014, she achieved the first place in bikini, first place in sports model, and even the Grand Prix. 

After winning Korean competitions in 2014 and 2015, she firmly established her position as a representative of Korea by participating in international competitions in 2016.


And until now, she has continued to work as a model for some various premium brands, a bodybuilder, and a trainer, while also showing a new appearance as a Fantrie creator since late May this year.

#3. Relationship between creators and fans

Instagram is a social network that anyone can access and view. 

There is an obvious advantage that you can easily see it just by following, but on the other hand, it can also be a disadvantage from another perspective.

If you're a fan, you'll follow his/her Instagram, but not everyone who follows may be a fan.

However, if you have got fans, you may want to reveal your daily life by talking more honestly with people who truly like and support you.

And the same goes for those fans.

It's more pleasant to hear ‘because you're a fan’ than ‘even non-fans can see it.’


Luna's Fantrie contains various things such as a motivation exercise video, her own exercise method, and her daily lives and lots of other fun things to see.

If you're a fan, you can't miss it.

Take a visit to Luna’s Fantrie!