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#1. World Class Flutist, Jasmine Choi

"I can only share what I have, just as only a happy person can share happiness, and only a person with love can share the love."

- Interview from the monthly magazine [Auditorium] in 2019 -


Nakyung Choi, also well-known as Jasmine Choi, is one of the world's best flutists.

She as a star performer in the classical music world spends much more days performing on stage than anyone else.

A few months ago, she made headlines by appearing on 'Towmoo', a popular YouTube classical music-related channel, and the video she appeared reached nearly 1 million views.


Some fans may have first known her through this channel due to the minor characteristics of the classical music genre, but in fact, Jasmine has long been reputed as a world-class flutist.

. Life as a performer

Nine years ago (as of November 2021), there was a woman who was unanimously appointed as the principal flutist at the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, one of the world's best orchestras.

The flutist, Jasmine Choi.

The classical music genre is highly conservative and obstructive, so it is very difficult for Asians to be recognized.


Jasmine, who broke through these barriers with her own skills, was a hot topic among classical music fans at the time.

In fact, no one could deny her charisma and excellence in performance if watched her playing at least once.

But maybe those characteristics were more suitable for a soloist.

Because orchestra is a group of many performers, and due to its characteristics, the overall completeness pursued by the whole group is more important than individuality.

There was also a conflict from the gaze of jealousy within the orchestra, which was such a difficult problem for the late 20s Asian female performer.

Leaving behind her post as the principal flutist of Vienna Symphony Orchestra, she resumed her career as a soloist the following year.

. Fans are most important for an artist


The two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have been a harsh time for many.

It got even worse for those who performed on the stage, as the number of stage performances has decreased significantly.

Fortunately, Jasmine was an exception.

Even in 2020, when the pandemic was the worst, there were 81 official performances.

Considering that there are also many unofficial performance stages, she would have more days on the stage than days off.

Although she is having such a busy and busy time, Jasmine is also a person who values ​​rapport and communication with her fans.


While running the YouTube channel [Jasmine Choi 최나경], she is trying to communicate with fans by showing a wide spectrum including interviewing other performers as an interviewer, arranging songs of various genres such as jazz and pop as well as her own performances.

It is not about “I am this good,” but about “this is my daily life,” “This is the way I think, how about you?”


Her connection with her fans is most important.

. For her, Fantrie is Inevitable, not a coincidence

It is quite a natural flow that Jasmine began Fantrie.

It is a place where she can get energy from communion with her real fans rather than just followers, also she posts various stuff there for them.

It is already great to have many followers, but the more followers there are, the more difficult it becomes to know who the real fans are among them.

The fact that there are many people following could be supportive, but it could get harder to write a single line lightly. It is because not everyone may be her fan.


Jasmine is currently one of the most active Fantrie celebrities. She uploads a wide variety of content such as a behind-the-scenes view of the stage, how to handle instruments and prepare to perform as the best performer in the world, exchange with young musicians, practice and warm-up methods, and her daily life other than one side as a performer.

It seems that she had a lot that she would like to show.

And Fantrie is the right place to do such things because it is where only real fans gather.

The fans will love and understand more of the artist, so the fan sentiment becomes stronger.

“Only a happy person can share happiness,
and only a person with love can share the love,"

We support Jasmine and her Fantrie activities.