Here comes the time to introduce one of Fantrie creators.

If you look back at the creators I have introduced so far, there are various people such as K-pop idols, Instagram beauty influencer, game streamers, YouTubers, and singers.

The creator I am going to introduce today belongs to neither of those categories but is maybe most well-known in her field.

The queen of cosplay, Bambi.


#1. Cosplay

Cosplay is a combination word of costume and play, and it is one of the ways to enjoy favorite characters by imitating their appearance.

Nowadays, it is harder to find someone who doesn't know the word cosplay, but it was around the mid to late 2000s that it began to be commonly used in Korea.

Before then, it was known as a minority field only open to a very few people who enjoyed subcultures such as Japanese cartoons and animations, and it was not easy for beginners to get related information.

However, as such sphere began to emerge as the mainstream in earnest, various activities such as related events and information exchange begin to increase, and so was cosplay in Korea rapidly growing in quantity and quality.

Source of photo / Tour Korea

#2. Bambi’s debut

In 2017, Bambi’s debut, which was revealed to the world as a member of TEAM Hara, heated the whole world of the internet.

Source of photo / Garam & Dall

Her cosplay of the character "Bari" from the game Destiny Child showed a high reproduction rate of the character to the point where it was said that it was the same as the official illustration of the character. At that time, the fan community produced numerous gossips, which led to a surge of interest in coser(cosplayer) Bambi.

Source of photo / Hyulla(혈라)’s Naver Blog

Hyulla(혈라), the original painter of Destiny Child, painted an illustration dedicated to Bambi in admiration of her high-level interpretation and directing of characters. Her fan base got thicker across all walks of life.

And Bambi’s popularity and desire to create is still going on.

#3. Bambi’s Charm

It's hard to express Bambi's charm in one way, but if I were to compress it into a few things from the editor's point of view, I think I can express it roughly like the followings.

It may be that she possesses all the essential virtues such as high-quality cosplay which has never disappointed her fans based on the thorough research and investigation, and knowing better than anyone how to paint on the top of her natural characteristic like white paper.

The number of photos and videos posted on Bambi's Fantrie is simply enormous.


As of April 15, 2022, the very day I am writing this post, the amount of content that Bambi has uploaded so far is 7,855 photos and 793 videos.

Some of Bambi’s fans may see this post someday, but at the very time of reading this post, it must be much more than that.

If you're a fan of Bambi, you can't help but subscribe to her Fantrie. It's because she's always working hard so that her fans can always enjoy a lot of content.

It is not only just about posting photos and videos but also, she does her best to communicate with enthusiastic fans who leave comments.

Bambi rarely does any other social media activities recently, and she is completely focused on Fantrie activities online.

If you know Bambi but do not know that she runs Fantrie, I strongly recommend you visit her Fantrie from now on.