This week as well, I would like to introduce one of the creators of Fantrie.

#1. Style

There are creators in various fields in Fantrie, and some of them run streamers and YouTube that usually broadcast live.

And there are people who already have high followers on Instagram and receive hundreds of thousands of likes every time they post a picture.

Many of Fantrie creators are already well known on Instagram.

In today's generation, where it is natural to look into Instagram as if you are breathing,

if you have a celebrity you follow, you tend to be attracted to and become a fan of the style that the celebrity creates rather than the elements derived from the celebrity's fame.

In the case of Kim Kang-hee, an artist who has unique followers with unique digital synthesis of cities and nature on Instagram

Considering these characteristics, having their own unique style and sense that are difficult for others to imitate is an important factor in differentiating themselves from others.

#2. Oh Ji-eun

Oh Ji-eun, who is actively engaged in Fantrie activities, has more than 880,000 Instagram followers as of the end of March 2022.


If you look closely at the photos on Instagram, it's not difficult to see that there are not a single ordinary photo in a good way.

Oh Ji-eun is a very good visual director.

She has a good sense of color and is very good at creating an atmosphere that looks like a cartoon rather than an image that feels like everyday life.

Or you can say it's like a heroine on the cover of a romance web novel.

The background is close to everyday life, but her presence has an excellent sense that no one else can keep up with in using unusual styles.

In addition to taking into account the overall harmony, she has uploaded nearly 800 photos using unique colors that are difficult to follow.

It is also great that most of the posts are highly responsive.

#3. Fantrie

And she started a new challenge in February this year. 

She began to try new concepts and styles in Fantrie that are a little different from what she usually showed on Instagram.

Even if she already has a lot of followers on Instagram, choosing a new platform, Fantrie, with her real fans was a whole new challenge.

In fact, the content that she uploads for her fans in Fantrie is quite different from what she has done on Instagram before.

She never tried such type of thing on Instagram.


It also shows the image of herself, a human being, with a more everyday feeling.

These are also contents she didn't show on Instagram either.


She is still thinking about new content and actively running Fantrie.

As not only can you see new things that you haven't seen on Instagram, but also can you communicate as a fan, better visit her Fantrie.